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Make your existing water fountain touchless


SipSafe makes your current water fountain touchless

Invented in 2022 by Anika Joshi, a high schooler at Tesla STEM, SipSafe is an electronic device that converts a regular water fountain into a touchless water fountain for less than $80. SipSafe is an eco-friendly solution to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

The SipSafe mission is to keep everyone in our community healthy and happy, one water fountain at a time.

Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our community.


Happy Children

Help your community

Safe water at schools

130,000 schools in the US use touch-based water fountains, impacting 81 million kids. Schools have no other option but to let the spread of germs continue or replace the water fountain with a new  touch-less water fountain. This an expensive solution that  also leads to environmental damage as the old water fountain ends up in a land fill.

SipSafe solves this problem by making your school water fountain touch-less in  a eco-friendly and cost effective way. Donate a SipSafe to your School and contribute to the health and safety of the kids and towards eco-friendly solutions.

Clean water for libraries

Over 117,000 libraries in the US expose their patrons to touch-based water fountains. These libraries impact about half the US adult population. 

Donate a SipSafe to your local library and help protect your community.

Prevent spread at parks

Water fountain surfaces have more germs on them than a toilet seat! This is probably why many Americans choose to pay for a single-use, disposable plastic water bottle, instead of relying upon drinking fountains. 


Get SipSafe for your community and save the environment.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Get a SipSafe for your community

Are you a community leader? Do you want a SipSafe for your community? 

We are currently donating SipSafe to select underprivileged institutions based on donations from community leaders. 

Thank you for contacting! We will be in touch soon

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