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How it started

"SipSafe was invented when, during the 2020 pandemic, I noticed water fountains were unusable. Even as life gets back to normal, water fountains continue to spread germs and illnesses in our communities. I decided to solve this problem by creating SipSafe. ​

Using my knowledge of STEM and electronics, I developed several prototypes to create SipSafe. With a lifespan of over 12 months on 4 AA batteries, SipSafe's snap-on technology, at less than $80, is affordable, easy to install and ready to use."


- Anika Joshi, Founder, SipSafe

Our Vision

Touchless for less

Limit the spread of diseases in our community - one water fountain at a time.

Every time a touchless water fountain is used, we end the cycle of transmission to several people in the community. By curbing shared surfaces, we stop the spread of diseases at source.

Behind the scenes
Check out the nine month journey behind how SipSafe was invented and developed.
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